Foundation Crack Repair

What To Do About Foundation Cracks

If you notice something amiss with your home’s foundation, don’t wait until the problem is too big (and too expensive) to easily fix. Review these warning signs of a cracked foundation from Stable Foundation Solutions, Inc., and then contact our foundation repair company for a foundation inspection to identify minor foundation issues before they become major problems. The easiest way to check for issues in your home’s foundation is to look for cracks. Different kinds of cracks lead to different kinds of issues, both large and small. By knowing how to identify the types of cracks in your foundation, homeowners can determine what course of action they need to take to circumvent further problems or repair the current ones.

Crack Repair

Crack Repair Solutions

Cracks can occur both within and around residential and commercial properties in a number of ways. While some cracks are caused by normal settling over time, the vast majority of cracks are caused by foundation problems. If your property has sheetrock or brick cracks, our licensed and experienced foundation specialists are available to repair the damage using different techniques and foundation services, including the following.

Epoxy Injection

Structural epoxy features a high bond strength and is commonly used to weld together cracks between two pieces of concrete. Using gravity feed, our foundation contractors paste over the injections to seal cracks and to prevent larger issues.

Compaction Grouting

Potentially hazardous density irregularities commonly occur when soil settles beneath a structure. Compaction grouting, or the systematic injection of cement grout under the structure, serves as a solution to reestablish foundational stability.

Carbon Fiber Wrapping

A carbon fiber wrap is an excellent option for remedying specific types of cracks that occur in the foundation or basement walls. This material is both lightweight and conforms easily to different shapes and sizes of cracks within concrete.

Diagonal Cracks

Diagonal cracks are a warning sign for a potentially larger problem. Typically found in properties where there is excessive rain or drought (changing the soil composition) or in structures built on hills, these cracks may indicate severe structural issues, mainly differential settlement — sinking into the ground at an uneven pace. These cracks range between 30 degrees and 75 degrees from vertical. Proper identification and repair of diagonal cracks requires the expertise of foundation repair experts. It’s possible for property owners to repair these cracks themselves using epoxy, but only professionals can determine the source of the problem.

Vertical Cracks

Vertical cracks are a type of crack that homeowners often worry the least about. Usually caused by settling concrete or heavy rains, these particular cracks should be pretty simple to repair. Just using a little polyurethane or epoxy can permanently seal these kinds of cracks. In some cases, you can even paint over them with concrete waterproofing paint — that’ll run you about $25 per gallon. If you want to prevent these vertical cracks altogether, make sure your gutters are properly cleaned and that there is no active pooling of water within five feet of your home.

Horizontal Cracks

Homes with concrete or block foundations are prone to horizontal cracks. These cracks can be very dangerous and, if left unchecked, can become very costly to repair. We suggest that you call a specialist to inspect these cracks to determine the severity of the issue.

Stair-Step Cracks

These types of cracks usually start at a joint and ascend or descend down the blocks or bricks. When dealing with this type of crack, always call in a professional for inspection.

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When To Contact Foundation Specialists

While many issues with foundation can be fixed with a bit of epoxy and small amounts of knowledge, it is always wise to defer to a professional if/when you feel like you are out of your element. If left unattended or fixed improperly, foundation repairs can become extremely costly, with full foundation replacements costing upwards of $40,000. We offer free estimates and low-cost inspections for homeowners and business owners throughout Florida. Your home or business is often one of the largest investments in your life — why take a gamble on its safety if you don’t have to? Contact us today to schedule foundation repair services!

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