What Causes Foundation Problems?

Foundation issues are primarily a result of poor soil and water conditions in the ground beneath the structure. The following comprises the most common causes of foundation problems to residential and commercial properties in Florida.

  • Dry soils due to tree root transpiration and evaporation
  • Uncompacted fill materials
  • Soft soils that cannot support the structure’s weight
  • Foundation settling caused by expanding and contracting clay coils
  • Soil expansion and foundation shifting due to inadequate foundation drainage
  • Weather changes that cause the soil to contract and expand

Indications of structural foundation problems are not always visible — the best way to ensure your foundation is in good condition is by contacting a reputable foundation repair company to inspect your property. However, some indications of structural problems may include cracks in the exterior brickwork of the property, uneven flooring, crooked doorways and windows that may stick or not open and close properly, improperly hanging cabinets, and cracks in the foundation. Contact us today for more information or to schedule foundation services.

Stable Foundation Solutions, Inc. performs foundation inspection services at no charge for residential and commercial properties throughout Florida. As each property is unique, our foundation specialists evaluate every foundation individually in order to determine whether the property requires repairs. We will inspect both the interior and exterior of your property and identify any indications of stress to your foundation. Depending on the size of the property, inspections may span less than an hour to multiple hours.

Regardless of the size or shape of a structure, foundation repair is essential to ensuring the safety and structural integrity of your home or commercial building. If left unattended, foundational instability or movement can cause severe structural damage, possibly leaving the property in complete disrepair. Properties with foundation issues are difficult to sell, and property lenders seldom lend on houses and businesses with serious structural issues. Any cracks in the foundation or other common signs of foundation damage can likewise cause more severe issues over time, including water infiltration, structural collapse, and exorbitant utility costs. Don’t wait until it’s too late to address these issues.

Stable Foundation Solutions, Inc. offers complete foundation services for repairing compromised foundations and restoring structural stability to Florida homes and businesses. Following an inspection, our contractors will choose among a number of different foundation repair methods that best accommodates the needs of your property. The repair method chosen depends on a wide range of factors specific to each foundation, including the ways in which the property was constructed, underlying soil conditions, and the nature of the failure.

Our contractors offer recommendations as to the type of repair required and the method used, while structural engineers modify and approve the final plans. The most common type of repair methods includes helical piers and other types of foundational support mechanisms. Contact our office to receive a professional inspection of the foundation on your property.

Not necessarily. Stable Foundation Solutions, Inc. makes recommendations to repair only the areas that require remediation. In some cases — in order to prevent foundation failure in the future — the entire structure may require foundation stabilization as well as other types of repairs. Should our foundation repair specialists identify areas of the foundation or structure susceptible to movement or failure, they will notify the property owner of the potential issue and offer expert recommendations about effective preventative repair methods.

Florida and many other states require sellers of homes and residential properties to make certain disclosures to homebuyers about the property’s condition and history — including the house foundation repair history. Florida law — as per Johnson v. Davis, 480 So. 2d 625 (Fla. 1985) — requires home sellers to disclose facts or conditions about their properties that have a substantial impact on its value or desirability and that others may not easily see or notice. Contact Stable Foundation Solutions, Inc. for more information about the disclosure requirements for Florida homeowners and how hiring a professional foundation company to repair your home’s structure can help improve the value of your property.

The duration of foundation repair varies from property to property — the amount of time required to repair a foundation largely depends upon the nature of the damage, the type of repair methods used, and the size and scope of the property, among numerous additional factors. The average residential foundation repair typically requires 2–3 days. Variables that may extend the duration of a repair include deeper footings, which require additional excavation and areas in which the concrete or landscaping is affected, as additional time to prepare the areas for excavation and to restore the landscaping and concrete may be needed following repairs.

Our foundation contractors make every possible effort to leave the landscaping undisturbed. However, if trees and shrubbery are located in the direct path of excavation, removal may be necessary in order to access the areas where repair is needed. Great care is taken while removing plants and replanting them carefully following repair completion. However, we cannot guarantee that plants or trees will survive the excavation process.

Your structure’s foundation is arguably the most important aspect of your entire property — it supports the building’s structure and keeps your family, customers, or employees safe. When choosing among the numerous foundation contractor companies, be sure to consider the company’s experience, reputation, references, insurance, warranties, referrals, testimonials, and cost and time estimates for repair services. An honest foundation company will happily provide you with all of the information you request and offer customized services tailored to meet the needs of your home or business. At Stable Foundation Solutions, Inc., our central focus is to help Florida property owners find an affordable, effective, and efficient solution for foundation issues. Our foundation specialists work hard to restore the safety and comfort of our clients with results that keep their properties intact for years to come.

The foundation contractors with Stable Foundation Solutions, Inc. provide high-quality foundation repair services — such as house leveling, crack repair, and soil injection — to residential and commercial properties located throughout the State of Florida, including Miami, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Naples, Cape Coral, Ft. Myers, and Orlando, among other cities. Whether your coastal home requires seawall repair or your inland business needs slab repair, we have you covered.

Our experienced foundation contractors provide high-quality foundation services at budget-friendly costs. We offer financing through Foundation® Finance Company to help accommodate the financial needs of our clients.

Foundations are built to support significant amounts of weight and provide stabilization and protection to above-ground structures. But over time and without professional maintenance and prompt repairs, the foundation can become compromised. While minor issues within the foundation are typically simple to remediate, seemingly small problems can quickly turn into disasters if they are left to worsen. Timely professional repairs are key to maintaining a healthy foundation. In addition to scheduling services with foundation experts, property owners should inspect the perimeter of the property for signs of cracking or breakage in flooring and concrete surfaces. In addition, make sure that siding, brick, wood, vinyl, or other interior coverings are at least six inches above the foundation.

Inspect the property to ensure that the ground slopes away from the foundation in order to prevent water runoff from seeping into the underground support system. It is critical that ground surface water drains away from the foundation. If water pools against the foundation, you may require foundation repair in order to regrade the area and prevent water accumulation. Maintain the downspouts and position them in a direction away from the structure. Avoid planting trees too close to the foundation so as to avoid absorption of the soil’s moisture through tree roots. In addition, plants with large, shallow root systems can grow beneath shallow foundations and (over time) produce an upheaval in foundation beams.

During dry periods, water the soil located adjacent to the foundation in order to maintain constant moisture. Proper watering is critical — the soil contents both next to and under the foundation should comprise approximately the same moisture content. Finally, be sure to observe your property for excessive changes in moisture, any shifts in the foundation, and the presence of early warning signs which indicate foundation problems or failure.

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