Foundation Repair Services

Does Your Home Or Business Have Cracks In The Walls, Floors, Or Ceilings?

Stable Foundation Solutions, Inc. is proud to provide foundation repair in Florida. We have more than 40 years of experience to back our foundation solutions, and we tailor our services to each customer’s needs. When it comes to restoring support to your home or business, our foundation repair specialists have the practical, cost-effective solutions you need.

Cracked Wall

What Causes Foundation Issues?

A strong foundation is paramount to the stability and safety of your home or business. The foundation is responsible for transferring the load of a structure to the soil beneath it in order to prevent foundation settling. When shifting soil and excess water cause the foundation to fail, scheduling foundation services is imperative. Even a minor degree of foundational shifting can result in major structural damage, render the structure unsafe, and decrease the property value.
Work with experienced and diligent foundation contractors at Stable Foundation Solutions, Inc. for remediation of your foundation issues. We can ensure your residential or commercial building is structurally safe and sound. In order to provide our customers with optimal solutions, we offer numerous foundation repair services with engineered and tested methods that provide the highest quality solutions. Don’t wait —  schedule foundation repair services today.

Faulty Foundation Construction

Foundations require proper amounts of steel or rebar during construction in order to ensure the safety and integrity of the foundation. Insufficient steel and inferior concrete will contribute to movement in the slab foundation.

Inferior Ground Preparation

Soft, low-density soil and improperly compacted soil beneath a home or business are leading causes of foundation failure. Failure to level or properly compact the soil before laying the foundation can cause the soil to shift.

Evaporation & Transpiration

Evaporation of essential amounts of moisture can cause the soil beneath a structure to shrink, diminishing foundational support. An absence of water from the transpiration of tree roots can result in soil shrinkage.

Improper Drainage

Improper foundation drainage is one of the primary causes of foundation failure in Florida. When excess moisture consolidates, it causes the soil beneath the structure to expand and erode, which inevitably ruptures the foundation.

Leaks From Plumbing

Leaks from the plumbing within or under a structure can persist for years without producing obvious signs of water damage. Excess water from leaking underground pipes seeps into the soil, damaging the foundation.

Poor Soil Conditions

Improperly compacted soil or soil with poor density allows for the soil to expand and retract, which damages the foundation. Unevenly shrinking or settling soil can cause the foundation to shift, among additional structural damage.

Cracked Foundation

Stable Foundation Solutions

Stable Foundation Solutions, Inc. offers a wide range of available options for house foundation repair. After assessing the issues specific to your building’s foundation our team of concrete foundation contractors can help you determine the optimal type of foundation stabilization. Whether using deep-driven steel pile systems or other remedies to repair foundation issues, you can rely on our team of foundation repair experts to deliver quality engineer-driven solutions that accommodate both the needs of your property and your budget.

Signs Of Faulty Foundations

Beneath every safe and sound structure foundation is strong, immobile soil. Over time, even the strongest foundation can sustain damage due to environmental elements, among other contributing factors. Foundation damage can be spotted with a careful eye from the following signs:

  • Pools of water formed around the property
  • Gaps around windows, doors, and garage doors
  • Stairways or chimneys pull away from the foundation
  • Cracks in walls, floors, drywall, bricks, slabs, columns, and siding
  • Sloped or sagging flooring
  • Cracks in concrete foundation
  • Misaligned doors and windows
  • Bowing or leaning of foundation walls
Foundation Failure
If you suspect a moving, heaving, or sinking foundation on your property, it’s imperative that you promptly schedule a foundation inspection. We will determine the exact causes and contributing factors of failure and develop an appropriate course of action for repair.

Florida Foundation Services

Our professional, adaptable team of foundation repair specialists leverage the latest industry innovations in order to make the foundation repair process more convenient and effective. No matter how complex the problem may seem, our team is ready to manage any type of foundation issues and craft solutions tailored to each customer.

Our family-owned and operated company offers the following encompassing foundation services for residential and commercial properties throughout Florida:

  • Soil Injection
  • Seawall Repair
  • Driveway Repair
  • Helical Pile Installation
  • Crawl Space Foundation Repair
  • Slab Repair
  • Home Leveling
  • Foundation Crack Repair
  • Foundation Stabilization
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