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What Is Soil Injection Foundation Repair?

If soil and clay absorb too much moisture, the foundation beneath a structure can shift — when this occurs, even a perfect home can quickly become a money pit. This change in the once level ground can wreak havoc on homes and businesses and lead to cracking, pipes bursting, or more severe property damage. Using the right combination of chemicals, our foundation repair company can reduce the amount of moisture held in the ground in order to prevent the soil from contracting and expanding within the foundation.

Soil Injection Process

How Does Soil Injection Work?

Soil injection foundation repair, or chemical injection, is an advanced foundation repair method used to keep residential and commercial foundations in place throughout Florida. Since water molecules stick to just about everything, a special blend of chemicals is used to create a barrier around the clay, locking-out water and stopping upheaval. A truck pumps just the right level of chemicals 7-10 feet below the surface of the structure. The solution is then injected at the perimeter of the foundation through a low-pressure injection wand. The soil injection process is typically performed on the exterior of a home or business, but it can also be drilled through the interior, depending on the specific needs of the property in question.

Soil Injection Graphic

Is Soil Injection Harmful To The Ground Or Toxic To People?

When used in specified quantities, soil injection solutions are non-toxic to people, but they should not be ingested or inhaled. Skin may have an adverse reaction to the chemicals and should be thoroughly cleansed with soap and warm water if contact is made with the solution. Prior to the soil injection, we recommend removing all interior belongings in order to prevent damage or stains to furniture and other items. The process is not at all harmful to the soil or landscape and is seen as one of the most environmentally friendly forms of foundation repair.

How Long Does Soil Injection Last?

Soil injection is normally completed over a two-day span. Results from chemical injection are undetectable once the process is complete, and they should last for years if executed properly.

Tips To Improve Your Foundation

There is little that can be done about the ground shifting and causing foundation problems, but there are a few steps you can take to slow down the process or prevent severe damage to your foundation, including adding extra support and treating the surrounding soil in order to help level uneven ground and prevent new cracks from forming. Consider the following tips for improving the condition of your foundation and boosting the quality of your soil soil quality.

Water The Foundation

Proper watering is both a great way to keep the ground beneath your home steady and an effective method for keeping adequate moisture in the soil. Install a timed sprinkler system to ensure the foundation is evenly watered.

Maintain The Gutters

Gutters play a significant role in filtering excess rain water from the perimeter of a property. Maintain the gutters with routine cleanings and repairs. Install in-ground drains to prevent water from pooling around the foundation.

Consider The Proximity

Trees and shrub roots can burrow underneath your property, disrupting the soil in the foundation. Give trees and shrubs plenty of room without causing damage by planting them safe distances away from the structure.

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