Helical Piles

Stabilize Your Foundation With Helical Piles

No matter its size or shape, the most important component of any Florida property is its foundation. The foundation is the structure that supports the property from the ground up. Because the foundation plays such an important role in the overall construction of residential and commercial properties, it is equally important to hire a reputable foundation repair company to craft your foundation and to invest in high-quality materials for new foundation construction. Stable Foundation Solutions, Inc. provides complete foundation services, including helical pile installation in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Miami, Cape Coral, Naples, and Ft. Myers, among other cities throughout Florida using cost-effective practices, industry-leading repair techniques, and innovative foundation solutions for enduring results.

Helical Pile Installation

Benefits Of Helical Piles

Choosing the wrong materials for your foundation can cause foundation problems to develop at an accelerated rate and with increased severity. Our foundation specialists know that certain materials and components are more preferable for creating a solid foundation than others. 

Helical piles — commonly referred to as helical piers or helical anchors provide buildings of all sizes and shapes with stable support for maximum foundation stability and safety. The helical pile is among the best components available for use in new home and business construction as well as use in foundation repair to existing structures. For more information about helical piles, or to schedule a foundation inspection, contact us today.


Helical piles provide cost-effective solutions to complex foundation problems and can be used for foundation underpinning or during new construction for immediate loading capabilities and cost efficiency when compared with traditional foundation methods. These components feature built-in quality control with torque-to-capacity ratios monitored in real time during installation.


Helical piers offer an economical solution to foundation stability issues complete with time-based affordability. These components can be installed at a quicker rate than other types of foundation components. The use of helical piles increases the efficiency in which construction projects are completed, so you can start building your new home or business structure with fewer delays.


Helical piles are quick to install and feature built-in advantages. A pre-engineered system provides the benefit of completely predictable installation results. These components come in a wide variety of different piles and capacities (ranging from 8-200 tons), offer increased flexibility, and require only small, maneuverable installation equipment.

How Do Helical Piles Work?

Helical piles are known by many other names: earth anchors, helical anchors, helical piers, and screw piles. Regardless of what you call them, their primary purpose is to provide a building with strong, stable structural support. Helical piles are created by first digging far into the ground. The deeper the hole, the more weight the building space will be able to support. Construction technicians then create multiple piles that build into one large platform, which is designed to support the building to be installed atop of the foundation.

Helical piles are often created from steel and come in the form of either square or round shafts. Square shafts are made from solid metal, while round shafts typically feature a hollow center. One or more screw threads are welded to the shaft — these threads assist with the installation of the piles. A technician proceeds to install the piles by twisting them into the ground, much like a metal screw into a threaded hole. The number of piles installed depends on the new building’s requirements for ensured structural support and stability.

Helical Pile Graphic

How Are Helical Piles Used?

There are numerous uses for helical piles, especially regarding foundation construction. Some of the most typical uses for helical piles include deep foundation piledriving for new construction; underpinning the foundation of a structure; creating a foundation without any form of concrete; creating wall anchors or tiebacks; shoring a structure, whether permanently or temporarily; creating earth anchors to stabilize a slope; tying down a utility or pipeline; building a tilt-up wall anchor; constructing bulkheads or sea walls; or building bridges, walkways, or boardwalks for pedestrian use. View our foundation repair FAQs or contact us for more information.
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