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Buying the perfect home is a dream shared by many. Moving in, decorating, and making memories are all part of the fun. Unfortunately, the dream also comes with a bit of responsibility. Things may be perfect in the beginning, but over time, repairs and upkeep sneak up on homeowners. Luckily, foundation repair specialists at Stable Foundation Solutions, Inc. can help you stay on top of repairs and remain vigilant when it comes to your foundation’s condition.

Cracked Wall

One thing that often slips the minds of homeowners and business owners is the foundation of their property. Have you ever thought about how much weight the foundation holds? That’s right, the entire weight of your home (and its contents) rests solely on the foundation. This weight can also cause foundation issues in the ground beneath the property. When these factors combine, you need home leveling. This form of foundation repair is used to elevate your home back to its original position. These kinds of repairs can help maintain the value of your home and keep you and your family safe and secure for years to come.

Get To The Source Of The Problem

Upon hearing they require house leveling services, many people inquire about the cause of the issue. The answer to that question can be hard to pinpoint. Luckily, there are several common culprits that may be at the root of the problem. One of the most common issues which result in the need for home leveling is the soil. Beneath the foundation, the ground changes over time. During dry spells or times of over-saturation, the soil can shift. It is also possible for other issues to occur with the soil, such as tree roots growing under the foundation. It can be difficult to ascertain whether the foundation was constructed properly and whether the property builders followed proper procedure or took shortcuts during the initial build.

Soil Shrinkage

High-density, properly compacted soil is key to foundation stability. As soil loses moisture, it shrinks. Soft, low-density soils and soils that are too dry can shift — both evenly and unevenly — causing the foundation to become unstable.

Differential Movement

Soil shrinkage contributes to differential foundation movement. Differential movement occurs when one area of the foundation moves while the other areas remain in place, leading to the development of stair-shaped cracks in the foundation.

Tree Root Transpiration

Properties surrounded by large trees may be susceptible to transpiration — the process by which tree roots absorb water from the soil. Tree roots can absorb as much as 100 gallons of water per day from the soil, leading to soil shrinkage.

Uneven Soil Graphic

Know When There’s A Problem

The signs of a house in need of foundation leveling may take some time to appear, but they will show themselves. As a business owner or homeowner, it’s important to pay attention to changes with regard to the structure of your home.

If you see cracks in the walls or ceilings, doors that don’t shut securely or stick, sagging floors, cracks in the exterior of your home — which is especially noticeable in stone or brick homes — and of course, the appearance of an uneven ground or flooring, the time has come to reach out to our professional foundation contractors.

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Identify The Right Fix

When it comes to foundation repairs, such as leveling a home, you’ll find yourself needing to reach out to professional house leveling contractors. While many people like taking care of certain home repairs themselves, foundation issues are a bit more challenging to deal with. Luckily, they don’t have to be costly. Many companies are able to come in and handle the repairs at reasonable prices and offer guarantees about their workmanship.

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