The Advantages and Uses of Our Two Part Polyurethane!

July 14, 2022
If you are looking for a clean, non-invasive way to lift settling slabs, sinking driveways or sidewalks, we have a safe and cost-effective way to fix your problem: Poly is a great solution for:
  • Slab Lifting
  • Unlevel concrete slabs
  • Settling Driveways
  • Settling Sidewalks
  • Interior foundation settlement

How Does Our Polyurethane Work?

  1. Holes are drilled into the slab, sidewalk, parking lot or whatever structure we are repairing.
  2. The holes are drilled at a 3/8” diameter and the material is then injected through the structure to begin the void fill or lift.
  3. Once the process is completed, the holes are patched with a grout or concrete, and we are done. Not much of a mess to clean up once completed.
  4. Mud pumping and mud jacking can take days. Poly takes minutes. There’s absolutely no waiting period for the product to dry or set.

Power of Polyurethane

Polyurethane Injections is a great solution for any project. Poly is a non-toxic high-density foam offering a neat and clean way to lift slabs for residential, commercial and industrial settings. Polyurethane is the latest in slab lifting technology, replacing Mud Jacking, which is a much older method and technology. Poly is the better choice because:
  1. The injection method is less invasive.
  2. It dries and hardens much quicker than the liquified, crushed concrete used in mud jacking.
  3. Poly offers a cleaner, sturdier lift.
  4. Is environmentally safe.