Crawl Space Repair

Residential & Commercial Foundation Repair

Florida is known for its sunshine and year-round humidity. The persistent presence of warm, moist air can do a number on your property’s foundation. Moisture commonly penetrates areas beneath crawl spaces within homes and businesses, resulting in uneven soil, shaky footing, and compromised foundations. Crawl space repair is among the most common foundation services performed on residential and commercial properties throughout Florida.

Installing foundation support mechanisms during new construction and performing foundation repair to existing foundation can protect your structure and provide stability for the future. If you require foundation services, call Stable Foundation Solutions, Inc. — an experienced foundation repair company dedicated to providing innovative foundation solutions and that accommodate the functional requirements and budgetary needs of each client.

Uneven Wall

Common Culprits Of Crawl Space Damage

In the vast majority of cases, structural issues develop within crawl spaces due to four primary reasons: too few crawl space supports; sinking crawl space supports; rot, mold, and moisture damage; and infestations of termites and other types of pests. Schedule an inspection with our foundation specialists to determine if your property requires crawl space foundation repair.

Too Few Crawl Space Supports

A significant portion of crawl spaces are built with supports that are spaced too far apart from one another to adequately support the accumulated weight of the structures. If not promptly remediated, this can severely damage the foundation.

Sinking Crawl Space Supports

Poor soil conditions can likewise contribute to the need for crawl space repair; when soils are not strong enough to bear weight transferred through crawl space supports, the soil compresses, causing the supports to sink and destabilize.

Rot, Mold & Moisture Damage

Among the most prevalent crawl space problems are rot, mold, and moisture damage. Moist, humid conditions within a crawl space support the growth of mold, mildew, and rot. As mold damages the structure’s materials, the foundation can begin to sag.

Termite & Pest Infestations

Pests such as termites and carpenter ants thrive in warm, dark, moist environments — common conditions in Florida crawl spaces. If not removed, pests can wreak havoc on the foundation and compromise the building’s structural stability and safety.

Uneven Crawl Space

Signs Of Crawl Space Structural Damage

Home and business owners typically don’t spend much time in their structures’ crawl spaces. However, crawl spaces can be prime locations in which structural issues can be detected before they cause significant property damage. Sinking crawl spaces and strange odors may be the first signs that your foundation is compromised. In addition to the presence of pests, certain interior problems — such as cracks in the drywall, doors that won’t close properly, or saggy flooring — can likewise indicate crawl space structural damage. If left untreated, these crawl space damage culprits may quickly cause the destruction of your home or commercial building.

How To Choose A Crawl Space Support System

There are numerous options available to choose from while selecting a crawl space support system. Our crawl space contractors can help guide you through the features, advantages, and disadvantages of each available option and help you choose the best solution for your property. If additional crawl space supports are required for equal distribution of the compression, our contractors will elevate the flooring and place blocks of wood in the gaps — the greater the degree of sinking, the more shimmies are required. Adding supports to the crawl space may not be a viable option for soils in poor condition. Contact us to schedule foundation services, including foundation stabilization and soil injection.

If the wood beneath the structure is damaged or rotting, mold remediation services and replacement of the damaged materials are required. In this case, the damage can likely be repaired by installing a crawl space vapor barrier and crawl space dehumidifier. Additional support options include crawl space supports made from concrete instead of wood. Concrete columns use the same basic technique as wood shimmies, but they must be applied over multiple days and they can’t fix sagging flooring.

When dealing with the changing conditions in a crawl space, it’s beneficial to use supports that can be adjusted to fit your needs. Light-duty crawl space jacks are portable and adjustable metal supports. They can be applied directly in the space without lifting the structure. A disadvantage to light-duty crawl space jacks is that they provide only a temporary solution and they may eventually slip into soft soils. A heavy-duty version of the crawl space jack is generally the best option, as it combines the versatility of the light jack with the corrosion resistance of the concrete crawl space supports. Galvanized steel supports have greater lasting power than other crawl space support options and they can support significant weight requirements.

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